Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas and the New Year

A wintery Hello after a long silence......

    After many  new babies (great nieces and nephews)  and family celebrations throughout the summer.... Winter is here.  We celebrated  our second  Christmas and the New Year in our new home.  We've had several family gatherings this holiday season.  But now the decorations have been stored away.   Here's a bit of our decorations. .... I have an active Instagram account now. Apologies if you may have seen some of these pictures already!!!

      Christmas is the time to let out my "inner Scandinavian".  My husband is a good sport!!   I adore anything made from straw, linen and wood with a Nordic touch.

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas time and will have a lovely 2016.  From my chilly, wintery university home,   Anne and family xx

Thursday, May 21, 2015

May Days

Had a lovely Mother's Day with some crochet time, many flowers and a lovely meal out and about with my husband and son!! I asked for hanging baskets and plants for our patio. It feels so much more homier now with some greenery and flowers. Thank you to S and G!!

  It's not all flowers here.  There's someone new at the PlumCreek Studio---Miss Dora. Vivienne at Green Rabbit Designs had a giveaway of one of her marvelous bunnies. It was a quite a  surprise to see my name as the lucky winner. Thank you, Vivienne. I love the colors.

 May you have a very enjoyable Memorial Day weekend here in America and  bank holiday in the UK. Thank you for your kind comments and e-mails. 
Happy late May from my university city, 
Anne xxx

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Flowery April

Some lovely flowers from the forests, nature center and green house.....

Too early to plant any flowers/ vegetables here. The evenings are still quite chilly. So, in the meantime, enjoying the beauty and bounty of Mother Nature. Happy May Day (tomorrow)!!! What flowers have you enjoyed this April??!!

from my university city home.........................Anne xx